Members & Competences

Academic members

ETH Zurich, Durability of Engineering Materials Lab

ContactProf. Dr. Ueli Angst
CompetencesCorrosion science and electrochemical techniques. Corrosion and reactive transport modelling in porous media. Corrosion modeling. Corrosion in civil and subsurface engineering. Corrosion in additive manufacturing. Non-destructive testing. Sensors. Life cycle predictions.

EPFL, Tribology and Interface Chemistry group

ContactDr. Stefano Mischler, Dr. Anna Igual Munoz
CompetencesCorrosion science and electrochemical techniques. Tribocorrosion fundamentals, mechanisms and modelling. Surface analysis and modifications. Tribology. Electrochemical surface treatments. Electrodeposited composite coatings and polymers.

Empa, Materials Science and Technology

ContactDr. Patrik Schmutz and Dr. Ulrik Hans – Laboratory for Joining Technologies and Corrosion
CompetencesSurface chemistry and corrosion management. Corrosion of Infrastructure, transportation media, medical implants, micro and nanocomponents. Local electrochemical characterizations. Oxide film engineering and functionalizing.

Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), Laboratory for Nuclear Materials (LNM)

ContactStefan Ritter and Hans-Peter Seifert – Component Structural Integrity Group
CompetencesNuclear corrosion. Environmentally-assisted cracking. Stainless steel. Ni-base alloy. Low-alloy steel. Light water reactor.

Haute Ecole Arc - Conservation-restauration

ContactProf. Dr. Laura Brambilla
CompetencesCorrosion science and electrochemical techniques. Corrosion of cultural heritage artefacts. Molecular and elemental analysis. On-site non-invasive techniques. Development and testing of protective treatments. Electrolytic treatments. Non-destructive testing. Sensors.

Supsi, Institute of materials and construction

ContactProf. Dr. Christian Paglia
CompetencesThe activities of the Materials and Construction Institute are aimed at engineering and architectural studies, industries and public bodies operating in the field of construction materials and cultural heritage. The Institute of Supsi is divided into sectors of activity: Materials and structures, Technology and durability, Building diagnostics and Conservation and restoration.

OST, Institute for Microtechnology and Photonics (IMP)

ContactDr. Noémie Ott
CompetencesCorrosion science and electrochemical characterization. Surface treatment. Functional coatings, e.g. anodization, electrodeposition and thin films. Corrosion in additive manufacturing. Corrosion of light metals and composites. Failure analysis.

Industry members

Swiss Society for Corrosion Protection

ContactDr. Markus Büchler
CompetencesCathodic protection. Stray current corrosion. AC corrosion. Electrical grounding. Condition assessment of reinforced concrete structures. Coatings. Steel construction. Facility Health Monitoring. Building assessment. Tendons. Anchors and Piles. Facades and fastening elements. Cathodic protection of reinforced concrete. Water pipes. Plastics. Laboratory tests.

Nagra (National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste)

ContactDr. Nikitas Diomidis – Section Head Materials Performance
CompetencesRadioactive waste disposal. Long-term corrosion prediction. Disposal canister development. Performance assessment.

Sika Technology AG

ContactDr. Jörg Vogelsang
CompetencesOrganic coatings. Sacrificial anodes. Corrosion inhibitors. Sealing and bonding. Waterproofing materials.


ContactDr. Yves Schiegg
CompetencesCorrosion of steel in concrete. Corrosion monitoring at concrete structures. Non-destructive testing. Potential mapping. Service life modelling. Quality control of stainless steels. Corrosion protection.

ETA SA Manufacture Horlogère Suisse

ContactLionel Zollinger
CompetencesCorrosion protection, Surface treatment, Functional / Decorative coating, Electrochemistry, Surface analysis, Coating evaluation

DSM Nutritional Products

ContactDr. Thomas Wellauer, Head of Materials Engineering and Corrosion
CompetencesCorrosion in Chemical production. Corrosion testing and electrochemical analysis. Damage analysis, non-destructive testing and equipment inspection

Microdul AG

ContactDr. Rachel Partovi, Head of Process Development
CompetencesCorrosion prevention, Non-destructive testing, Surface treatment, Process development, Sensors, Medical device, Soldering, Boding, Risk managment, Performance qualification

Metrohm Schweiz AG

ContactDr. Teressa Nathan Walleser, Product Manager
CompetencesInstrumentations for electrochemical/ corrosion) research, electrochemical techniques, training and application support.

Intertek (Schweiz) AG

ContactDipl.-Ing. Ivan Kranjcec-Strahl
CompetencesCorrosion testing (ISO 17025 accreditation), investigations of damage cases, equipment inspection, advisory services (materials selection and corrosion prevention).