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Maintenance and durability of reinforced concrete

MSc level course in the civil engineering curriculum at ETH Zurich, fall semester, 4 ECTS

Prof. Dr. Ueli Angst

Corrosion fundamentals, corrosion of steel in concrete, non-destructive testing, corrosion inspection, service life modeling, repair, corrosion prevention, corrosion protection

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Surfaces, Interfaces and their Applications II

MSc level course in the materials science curriculum at ETH Zurich, spring semester, 3 ECTS. For more information visit the link below.

Dr. Patrik Schmutz

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Educational videos on corrosion

Free videos on corrosion science and corrosion engineering

Prof. Dr. Ueli Angst

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Corrosion and Protection

BSc level course in the Materials Science curriculum at the EPFL, spring semester, 3 ECTS

Dr. Stefano Mischler

Corrosion phenomena, principles and mechanisms, corrosion kinetics, protection against corrosion, electrochemical techniques for corrosion and practical work

Surface analysis

MSc level course in the Materials Science curriculum at the EPFL, fall semester, 3 ECTS

Dr. Stefano Mischler

Main surface analysis methods for the characterization of surfaces, interfaces and thin films, applications, quantification and understanding of structural, chemical and functional properties of surfaces and thin films

Electrochemistry in Corrosion Research

Doctoral course. AT THE CCMX Winter school "Surface Science", Chapter on "Corrosion and durability of surfaces”, 1 ECTS

Dr. Stefano Mischler

Corrosion, surface and interface phenomena. Surface characterisation. Durability

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PSI’s LNM is actively engaged in university-level teaching (e.g., Nuclear Engineering Master course of PSI/ETHZ/EPFL, EPFL Doctoral School) etc.), education and training. We offer both, experimental and/or modelling oriented PhD & master student, Post-Doc and internship positions in various fields of nuclear material science, including (nuclear) corrosion (usually in collaboration with ETHZ and EPFL).